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Small Package,
Big Deal

Don't be fooled by the size: it's what's on the inside that counts. Our palm-sized media player is loaded with Enplug's powerful software, ready to change the way you utilize digital displays.

Connects to Any HD Display

Quickly connect the Enplug Device to any HD display in Portrait or Landscape orientation.

Works Online or Offline

Your screens will never go down, even if the internet is disconnected. 

Content is updated via WiFi or Ethernet and stored on the device in case the internet is disconnected. Once the internet comes back on, the device automatically connects and updates your content.

Enplug digital signage device works offline

Comes With Everything You Need to Get Started

Enplug digital signage media player

Two Convenient Options

Don’t want to use the Enplug Device? No problem. Enplug for Windows offers the same functionality and runs on any Windows 7-10 PC.


Enplug has your back. Our Warranty protects you from defects in your device and some included accessories for your first year as a customer.

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